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Hazelnut Oil 250ml

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Our Hazelnut Oil is a tasty gourmet oil made from nothing but New Zealand grown cold pressed hazelnut kernels. It can be used to add an intense, nutty flavour to dressings and baking and it's equally divine in sweet or savoury dishes.

New Zealand Chefs adore this prized product, and we look forward to sharing more of their delicious recipes with you.  

Some suggestions for using our award-winning hazelnut oil:

  • a divine combination with fish. Use in marinades and with steamed or baked fish - top with chopped nuts.

  • use in dressings for salads and vegetables.
  • drizzle over hot bread or use when making focaccia.
  • drizzle over fresh asparagus, beans or new potatoes.

  • use in pesto's or any cake recipe that requires oil.


Gluten Free


Our pottles are recyclable rPET (recycled PET); 1 kg nut bags are home compostable; oil bottles are glass with tamper-tell plastic closures; spread jars are glass with metal lids; flour pouches are plastic for now.

We are investigating packaging options that are better for the planet while maintaining food safety and quality.