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Walnut Spread Crunchy 170 gm

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If you know, you know - Uncle Joe's gluten free Crunchy Walnut Spread is delicious and so heathy! Made in New Zealand entirely from walnuts gown in New Zealand, it is 100% natural, 100% tasty. An absolute gem!

Uncle Joe's gluten free nut spreads are a delicious start to the day. Enjoy on toast, in a smoothie for breakfast or spread on green apple slices - wow!

Our walnut spreads are 100% natural, being made only from ground down walnuts.

  • Spread on crepes with pears

  • Through pasta with blue cheese

  • A must for cheese boards.

Gluten Free


Our pottles are recyclable rPET (recycled PET); 1 kg nut bags are home compostable; oil bottles are glass with tamper-tell plastic closures; spread jars are glass with metal lids; flour pouches are plastic for now.

We are investigating packaging options that are better for the planet while maintaining food safety and quality.