All Uncle Joe's produce is grown in New Zealand and cold pressed to retain flavour and the health benefits.

100% pure seed and nut oils and gluten free. 

We've created a small box of a selection of our best oils. Each only 50mL so you can try the different flavours and see what you like. Here are some ideas for each flavour:

  • Hazelnut Oil: compliments fish dishes for savoury, or chocolate for sweet dishes.

  • Walnut Oil: perfect for a simple salad dressing with fresh lemon, or to replace butter in cakes.

  • Mustard Seed Oil: a mild tangy flavour for meat, fish, pasta or steamed veggies. Great for cooking as it has a high smoke point.

  • Pumpkin Seed Oil: Not suitable for cooking, use fresh on salads, pasta, beans, is high in Vitamin E. (Not available till May 2018)

  • Grape Seed Oil: good cooking oil and also new flavour for salads, veggies and pasta. (cold pressed from Marlborough grape seed)

  • Hemp seed oil: dipping or salad oil packed with all the goodness of 3 Omegas. drizzle on cereal to kickstart your day.

  • Flax seed oil: dipping, or another health oil

  • Ideal gift for those that have everything! Let us know your choice of oils you would like in the gift box.

  • SEPTEMBER DISCOUNTS - see pricing below.

Tasting gift box

*Purchases must add to a minimum of $50 before an order will be processed for online purchasing. Orders under $50 will be cancelled. 

All prices are inclusive of GST. Freight charges apply within New Zealand only. Rural delivery will incur an extra freight charge of $5.50 incl gst. Please include this in your total cost if you live in a rural area.

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