The Horwell orchard

Uncle Joe’s cracks hazelnuts and walnuts daily, fresh to order, and is proud to distribute our award winning quality products around New Zealand. We partner with a cold pressing company to extend our hazelnut and walnut oil range.

We now offer many New Zealand grown seed oils including Coriander seed, Kiwifruit seed, Mustard seed and many more to come. These have been vastly popular in gluten free foods and in cosmetics. 

Uncle Joe's family business is situated on the outskirts of Blenheim, Marlborough - a region with a rich resource of deep alluvial, free draining soils on the Wairau plains. The walnut trees around Marlborough are a landmark left by past generations of settlers who planted these nut trees with great vision. These old walnut giants produce a range of kernel varieties which are the key to some unique flavours enjoyed in our products. We grow an Ennis variety of hazelnut in our orchard. Ennis is not widely grown in New Zealand, but we chose it for its rich flavour.