Walnuts shown to activate brain region involved in appetite control

Controlled portions of nuts such as walnuts are often recommended for patients with obesity and type-2 diabetes because they are thought to discourage overeating by promoting feelings of fullness. How the nuts might do so, however, remains murky.

In a small new brain-imaging study partially sponsored by the California Walnut Commission, researchers at Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center have found that consuming walnuts activates an area in the brain associated with regulating hunger and cravings.


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Get cracking

A new range of cold-pressed nut and seed oils produced by a group of Marlborough people will soon be available on supermarket shelves around the country.

The new joint venture between seed grower Garth Neal and Marlborough walnut and hazelnut producers Jenny and Malcolm Horwell was a collaboration of expertise, specialist equipment and hard work.